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TOP AG is a farmer owned cooperative serving a multi-county area in southwestern Illinois covering the entire area east of St. Louis. We have grain facilities located in Addieville, Lebanon, Mascoutah, Okawville, Pierron, St. Libory and Trenton. Total storage capacity of all seven locations total +5.8 million bushels. The Okawville, Pierron and Trenton locations also offer seed, fertilizer and chemicals along with related services of delivery, custom application and grain trucking. In addition the Trenton facility operates the region’s leading dairy feed mill, while bagged feed products are available at all locations. TOP AG also operates a lumber yard at its Okawville location.

TOP AG Cooperative or its predecessor companies have been in business since the early 1920’s serving the farmers and area residents with products and services for several generations. TOP AG is a totally independent cooperative with its ownership and governance controlled by the area customers who patronize it.

We encourage all area farmers and residents to stop in and see what products and services we offer. Whether it is the products used by farmers for their large operations or if it is an area homeowner needing dog food, lumberyard material or lawn products; we have them. You do not need to be a member to do business here, so please stop in soon! 

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New Market Access To Europe
9/22/2017 9:31:59 AM Farms-Crop
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Manitoba’s Amazing Agriculture Adventure teaches students where their food comes from
9/22/2017 6:54:27 AM Farms-Crop
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Price Discovery in the Premium Era
9/22/2017 1:16:13 AM Farms-Crop
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Fall Grazing Offers Opportunities and Challenges
9/22/2017 1:02:57 AM Farms-Crop
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Where Does it Cost the Most and Least to Rent Pasture?
9/22/2017 12:37:23 AM Farms-Crop
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Researchers Discover New Cattle Disease and Prevent it from Spreading
9/22/2017 12:13:08 AM Farms-Crop
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Perspective on the Cull Cow Market
9/22/2017 12:10:07 AM Farms-Crop
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Latest USDA Supply and Demand Estimates Lower U.S. Beef Production
9/21/2017 11:59:36 PM Farms-Crop
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Are You Moving Cattle Across State Lines?
9/21/2017 10:37:10 PM Farms-Crop
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Kentucky Beef Cattle Market Update
9/21/2017 12:05:08 AM Farms-Crop
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Winter Forages Can Reduce Costs And Boost Cow/Calf Weight Gains, Experts Say
9/20/2017 11:34:07 PM Farms-Crop
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Manitoba Beef Producers Announces 2017 Bursary Recipients
9/20/2017 8:04:54 AM Farms-Crop
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USMEF Weekly Audio Report: ‘U.S. Beef Roadshow’ Ready for Launch in China
9/20/2017 3:43:16 AM Farms-Crop
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When Culling Time Comes Remember Wild Cattle are Hard to Manage and Hard on Your Bottom Line
9/20/2017 12:30:37 AM Farms-Crop
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Managing Forage in Silo Bags
9/19/2017 10:45:51 PM Farms-Crop
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Evaluate Forage Production While the Grass is Still Growing
9/19/2017 10:37:04 PM Farms-Crop
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Opportunities for Open Cows
9/19/2017 10:23:24 PM Farms-Crop
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A Long-Term Mindset for Reproductive Management
9/19/2017 9:57:18 PM Farms-Crop
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Crossbreeding is a Good Idea
9/19/2017 2:13:32 AM Farms-Crop
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BeefTalk: Calves Pay the Bills, But the Cows Make the Bills
9/19/2017 2:06:56 AM Farms-Crop
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