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Top Ag Board of Directors

Top Ag is served by a 7 person Board of Directors. Each director is nominated from the membership of the cooperative and stands election to a 3 year term of office at an Annual Meeting of the membership. The terms are staggered so that terms expire in a sequence of 2 up for election, 2 up for election & 3 up for election; this provides for continuity on the board. The members of the board annually elect the officers of the board at a reorganizational meeting at the conclusion of the annual meeting each year.

The Board has many responsibilties including: conducting monthly meetings, reviewing the monthly financial performance of the cooperative, reviewing the accounts receivable, providing direction to the company through longterm & strategic planning, advising management of industry trends that may effect our business, providing communication to the membership, approving all policy, advising management in equipment & infrastructure needs and oversight that all property is insured.

The Board has 2 primary responsibilities: hiring, advising & firing of the General Manager and they are the stewardship of the cooperative's & membership's equity.

The Board takes on a great deal of responsibility and should be recognized for that committment and hardwork!


Board Members

Name Title
Brian Kunz President
Jeff Rennegarbe Vice-President
Steve Meentemeyer Secretary
Kenny Graul Director
Steve Plocher Director
Steve Lintker Director
Mike Von Bokel Director
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