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Top Ag Agronomy Department


Top Ag is continuing to strive to become growers’ first choice in the area when it comes to your agronomic service and product needs. Our commitment to this goal will be accomplished by providing exceptional service, innovative programs, and competitive prices.

Our agronomy department consists of three base operation locations including Okawville, Trenton, and Pierron. Along with the many services that we provide at each location (which are listed at the bottom right of this homepage) we also provide the R7 tool by Winfield, and Climate Pro by Monsanto. TOP AG ALSO PROVIDES DIFFERENT FINANCING OPTIONS FOR ALL AGRONOMIC PRODUCTS AT VERY COMPETITIVE INTEREST RATES!!!!

Some of the fertilizer products that we offer at each agronomy location are as follows: Anhydrous Ammonia 82-0-0, Liquid 28%, Dry Potash 0-0-60, DAP 18-46-0, Urea 46-0-0 and Limestone. Along with those main foundation products to a successful crop we also provide dry and liquid micro and macro nutrients that are vital to cropping systems which are focused on plant health, plant efficiency, and most importantly plant yield. These products can be purchased for application by the grower or by Top Ag custom application from a top of the line fleet.

Fertilizing your fields is obviously a critical step in producing a high yielding crop. Another building block to a highly productive acre is crop protection. Top Ag provides crop protection products from all of the leaders in the industry including: Winfield, Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Agrisciences, Valent, Dupont, Bayer, and BASF. Use recommendation and effective product placement is key to a strong (weed free) crop. The recommendations and product placement come from an effective team of Sales Agronomists which include: Doug Horstmann (Trenton) and Tyler Gross (Trenton), Josh Tebbe (Pierron), Brandon Buss (Okawville) and Andrew Rensing (Okawville). Along with the agronomists, Willie Harris (Top Ags’ Agronomy Manager) offers insight which is headed by 35 years of agronomic experience. 

Our growers are fortunate to get to choose from a variety of seed options when it comes to Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and cover crops. These seed companies include: Croplan by Winfield, NK Mycogen, Dekalb, Asgrow, E-merge, Lacrosse, Agrimax and Agripro. Although we provide a range of different seed options the most important factor when it comes to seed is picking the right hybrid and placing it on the right acre. Top Ag agronomists provide placement of any seed on all acres at no charge by utilizing the R7 tool By Winfield.

Finally, Top Ag Agronomy provides soil testing and field mapping which can be integrated with our custom application equipment that is all equipped with GPS guidance and VRT (variable rate technology). For those growers that prefer to do their own application we provide anhydrous tanks and toolbars, and for application of dry fertilizer Top Ag also has a lineup of dry buggies at each location.


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April showers bring May flowers/Weeds, and that has what it has done for us here in Southern Illinois this spring. Seems like forever ago that we have been in the fields working, as soon as November hit the rain started and hasn’t shut off thus far. A lot of us in the area haven’t done anything in the fields since October. With that being said this is bringing challenges to the table when it does finally dry up out in the fields. Many of you have noticed your fields are greening up and the weeds are growing at a rapid pace. A lot of the weeds are still winter annuals thus far, but marestail has made an appearance out there in some fields, and with May starting that brings on new weed species we have to worry about and that mainly is water hemp! Scouting these fields will be crucial before making an herbicide/burndown application or a tillage pass so you and your agronomist know how to treat these fields. As many of you have learned in the past just making a tillage pass doesn’t always mean the weeds are dead, especially when we are dealing with water hemp. Many times they can survive a field cultivator and show up a week later growing like nothing ever hit them. Before making this mistake be sure to consult your agronomist about a burndown application or be sure to kill the weeds with the tillage pass.

Wet spring’s mean later fertilizer and herbicide applications along with later NH3 applications, and many of you will wonder how long you can wait to plant corn after the NH3 has been applied. It’s a growing questions as the days go on and nothing is getting done because of Mother Nature. With answering this question I would say there is no right or wrong way to answer this it’s a matter of the factors were dealing with out in the field. For example, NH3 application rate, soil moisture, NH3 application depth and placement. There has been numerous studies on this particular situation and most find that there is no specific wait time for you to wait to plant as long as these factors are being followed. NH3 was applied at a proper depth, meaning the seed that is planted will not come in contact with the ammonia zone, also that you are not planting directly on top of the injection line of the NH3 to minimize seedling injury. For more questions and answers regarding this topic be sure to consult your local Top Ag Agronomist for more information. Remember when it comes to custom application, seed deliveries or whatever it may be from Top Ag be sure to give us some heads up on when you will be wanting your work to be done, to ensure we have our logistics side in order and can get to you in a timely matter. We all know once it finally dries up there is going to be a lot of work that needs to get done. We here at Top Ag want to remind everyone for this spring to be safe out there while working long hours and want to Thank You for your business. We truly do at the end of the day want to be your Partners in Success.




Top Ag Agronomy Services

Anhydrous Ammonia

Custom Application
for Preplant
Custom Application
for Side Dress
NH3 Side Dress Applicator Rental
NH3 Delivery
NH3 Toolbar Rental




Custom Dry Application
VRT Dry Application
Custom Blending
Fertilizer Buggy Rental
Dry Fertilizer Delivery

Liquid Applications

Custom Liquid Application
Drop Spraying
Helicopter Aerial Application
Airplane Aerial Application
Chemical & Liquid Delivery 



Testing, Calibration & Seed

Soil Testing
Grid Sampling

Bulk Seed Treatment
Bulk Seed Delivery

Lime Services

Lime Hauling
Custom Applied Lime
VRT Custom Applied Lime


Agronomy Team Contacts

Name Title Phone Email
Willie Harris Agronomy Dept Manager 618-243-3356 or 618-534-8908 (cell)
Doug Horstmann
Agronomy Manager / Salesman, Trenton
618-224-7812 or 618-578-3349 (cell)
Andrew Rensing
Agronomy Salesman, Okawville 618-243-3353 or 618-795-2600 (cell)
Brandon Buss
Agronomy Salesman, Okawville 618-243-3391 or 618-314-2841(cell)
Tyler Gross
Sales Agronomist, Trenton
618-410-9467 (cell)
Josh Tebbe
Sales Agronomist, Pierron
618-654-9804 or 618-520-0437
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