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Top Ag Trucking Department

Our Trucking Department consists of 11 semi-tractors, 6 tri-axle dump trailers, 13 hopper bottom grain trailers and 2 van trailers.  We have operating authority for the states of Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, and Kansas. We haul grain, specialty grain, dry fertilizer, limestone, rock, cow sand, soybean meal and many other feed products.

We offer the service of picking up grain at your farm bin or field.  We also spot (drop) trailers in your field at harvest time.  You also have the option of having this grain brought back to the elevator for open storage or warehouse receipt storage.

We will deliver to your farm or business: grain, rock, limestone, cow sand, dry fertilizer, soybean meal, and other direct feed products. We also deliver fill products to stabilize Ag Bags.

Our trucks are "for hire" and we are willing to quote you a rate on anything you may have to haul. When you call we don't send circus wagons from the east coast. We send trained drivers that know farming and know most of your farms. Our drivers live and work in the counties where you farm and take pride in serving our farmers!

When you are marketing your farm stored grain and planning your agronomy inputs please keep us in mind. Your money stays where you live and you deal with people from your local communities.


Trucking Team

Name Title Phone Email
Mallory Buescher Truck Dispatcher 618-224-7816 or 618-267-7313 (cell)

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