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About Us
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Top Ag is a farmer-owned cooperative serving a multi-county area in southwestern Illinois covering the entire area east of St. Louis. 

Top Ag Cooperative or our predecessor companies have been in business since 1919, serving farmers and area residents with products and services for several generations. We are a totally independent cooperative with ownership and governance controlled by our customers. 

We encourage all area farmers and residents to stop in and see what products and services we offer. The odds are good we have a product or service for you, whether you have a large farming business, or you are a homeowner needing dog food, lumberyard material or lawn products. 

You do not need to be a member to do business here, so please stop in soon.



Top Ag Board of Directors


A Strong Cooperative for Strong Communities


At Top Ag, our business isn’t just about making money. We take great pride in supporting the communities we serve in southwestern Illinois, and money spent here, stays here. It is reinvested in our employees, customer owners and our communities. 

We actively support our schools and other local organizations to foster a vibrant local culture and ensure that our communities are known to be a good place to live and work. 

Our objective is to attract new people to the community and retain our young people so that our communities remain strong and offer a good quality of life for their residents.


Grain Prices from an Historical Perspective

Cash prices the week before Thanksgiving
Year Wheat Corn Soybeans
1923 $0.98 $1.00 na
1933 $0.80 $0.95 na
1943 $1.56 $1.22 na
1953 $1.86 $1.52 $2.77
1963 $2.02 $1.06 $2.54
1973 $4.70 $2.48 $5.50
1983 $3.29 $3.33 $7.55
1993 $3.27 $2.65 $6.62
2003 $4.03 $2.33 $7.67
2013 $6.51 $4.24 $13.26