Strategic Thinking, Hard Working

Our agronomy staff is a great group of individuals who work together in an organized effort to provide superior service for you. Our Trenton, Okawville, Pierron, and Venedy locations all offer full-service agronomy teams. 

Whether you need cutting edge technology, agronomic advice or applications in the field, you can trust the Top Ag agronomy staff to deliver. 


Services/Custom Application

Making Investments to Remove Limits

When it comes to custom application services, rest assured that Top Ag has the equipment to keep your operation moving forward – even when conditions are challenging. We want to make sure that we aren’t limited in our ability to service your needs in the field.

We routinely invest in new, top-of-the-line equipment, and most rigs are equipped for precision applications. We also partner with local pilots as needed for aerial applications.

Our applicators are all certified with Illinois Department of Agriculture, and we employ four Certified Crop Advisers. Should you need scouting, we provide this as a complimentary service to our customers. It’s part of our commitment to partnering for your success.

Climate Fieldview

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Hydra-Hume A

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Corn Flyer
Wheat Flyer
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Application Types


Dry/Liquid Fertilizer




Crop Protection Products


Aerial (helicopter or airplane)






Precision Application

Top Ag Custom Application Equipment

Our inventory is always changing as we make investments in new equipment to ensure maximum potential for our customers. 


Local Knowledge, National Brands

The best seed is the one that performs in the soils and environment of your farm. At Top Ag, we have a deep understanding of local agronomic factors that will influence the success of the seed that goes in the ground. This knowledge comes from years of working closely with our customers, utilizing test plots and consulting with experts from the brands we represent.

Bayer Crop Science

Learn more about crop production. 
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Seed Brands and Traits

When selecting the best hybrids and varieties for your farm, you need to consider new trait technologies, genetics, management practices, fertility and soil types, among other factors. Let us help you plan a seed selection strategy that will deliver the best result based on your objectives.

We have seed for crops that include:
  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Alfalfa
  • Specialty crops (small seed)
  • Cover crops
  • Non-GMO (conventional) crops


Seed Treatment and Delivery

We don’t just carry multiple brands of seed. We protect that seed, store it and deliver it where and when you need it.

We’re specialists in seed treatment to get plants off to the best start possible, and our programs are as flexible as you’ll find anywhere. We treat soybeans and wheat seed with fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, plant growth regulators and sudden death syndrome preventers.

We can treat seed year-round, and we also treat on-demand in season. This means you have the flexibility to change your treatment program, and you’re not committed to one program. We also coat all soybean seed with a flowability agent. 

When it comes time for delivery, we have three seed tenders to deliver to the farm, in-field or wherever you need it, and we offer covered delivery. 

Finally, we have climate-controlled bulk storage capacity, and we supply seed boxes for delivery and storage. We currently have nearly 100 seed boxes and it’s certain that we’ll be able to supply you with one that is designed to fit your seed tenders.


Seed Wheat Program

If you’re planting wheat, ask us about the Top Ag seed wheat rebate program. It can lead to significant savings per acre and help you get your crop in the field more efficiently than ever. 


You can trust Top Ag to provide you with premium quality seed, backed by local expertise.


When you purchase agronomy inputs through Top Ag, you gain access to highly competitive financing for those purchases. 
We have a number of financing options and we’ll talk through which financial institution best fits your needs. Some of the primary financing options we access include:
  • Secure by Winfield United 
  • Cooperative Finance Association (CFA) 
  • Commodity Credit Company (CCC)
We also work with other financing options, such as John Deere, Rabo and TruChoice.

Contact our in-house team, and they’ll help you get started on the approval process.  

Agronomy & Precision Ag Team