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Technology has brought many changes to farming over the decades, and productivity is at all-time highs because of these advancements. Today, the pace of change is also at an all-time high and staying on top of the latest advancements is no small feat. 

At Top Ag, we do our homework into new technologies and advise our customers on which may best fit their operations.


Precision/Tech Tools

Top Ag has the hardware, software and expertise to help you take full advantage of variable-rate technology (VRT) and precision agriculture. In fact, we’ve been on the forefront of the precision farming movement for years, and we continually make new investments to improve our equipment and training.

Precision agriculture is a cornerstone of sustainable agriculture, since it respects crops, soils and farmers. We use VRT for both seed and fertilizer, and we make decisions on the best prescription for an individual field by using numerous tools, including: 

Climate Fieldview

Climate Fieldview’s goal is to put all your data in one place. You can collect data including in-season images, weather, planting, spraying, soil sampling, harvest, and fertilizer as-applied all in one place and then break the data down into usable information. We can also upload all your grid sampling data to give you additional insights into your fields. The bottom line is by having all this data in one place, we can make better decisions to drive the profitability of your operation. 

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R7® Tool 

This tool from Winfield provides in-season maps, variable-rate maps, and a field monitoring tool that shows if a field is trending up or down in comparison to other fields. It does so by utilizing satellite data that is collected numerous times each week and compares the field to other fields planted within the same maturity and planting window. It also can provide yield predictions for wheat, soybeans and corn, which helps guide our seed recommendations.

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SMS Fertilizer

This easy-to-use decision-making tool from Ag Leader helps you capture the most from every acre. It allows us to overlay soil sample data and yield data sets to create a highly targeted fertilizer prescription.

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We also work with numerous other software packages, including those from leading equipment manufacturers. Ask a Top Ag agronomy representative for more details.

Pass the test for maximum efficiency and productivity

Through our partnership with SureTech Laboratories from WinField United, we test soils and plant tissues to gain knowledge to help us make better management decisions and better targeted variable rate applications. We test for nutrients in plant tissues, and a wide range of variables in soil samples.

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Composite & Grid Sampling

We are able to tailor our programs to fit your needs through composite or grid sampling. We have an option to overlay yield targets to the zones to give the most accurate recommendation. We have dry and liquid spreaders that are variable-rate capable, or we’re happy to write a variable prescription for farmers to use when doing their own applications. 

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