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As a Purina Certified Expert Dealer, Top Ag has proven itself as a top source for quality feed that provides optimal nutrition for your animals, whether you have thousands of cows or a single llama. 

We’re one of the premier dairy facilities in the area, and our three on-staff nutritionists custom build rations to meet the needs of the farm and animals. If we run into questions we can’t answer or an issue we can’t solve, we also have ready access to Ph.D. experts from Purina. 

All our feed originates from our mill at Trenton, and we have two mixers to handle custom rations by mixing commodities, corn, minerals, etc. 

We also offer pellets, supplements, minerals, tubs, blocks and many other nutritional products.



A local partner

When you choose Top Ag for your feed needs, we’ll come to you and consult with you to understand your objectives. We’ll then run feed samples to gain an analysis of your forages. Then, based on your production goals, we’ll tailor a ration based on the quality of forage and your performance needs.

Our service doesn’t end there, however. Depending on your situation, we may do weekly farm calls, check forage bins, and just see how things are going. We will recommend ration changes according to weather/season, lactation stage and any changes in forage. 


Delivery and pricing

When you’re ready for a feed delivery, you can order through your Top Ag feed representative, or simply call in to the office and place your order. If you need the delivery that day, please try to get the order in before noon.

We purchase in commodities by the semi-load to keep prices competitive and maintain profitability for the farmers we serve. Our investment in Purina and Land O’Lakes is also important in maintaining quality at a competitive price. 

Feed Service Details

We offer forward contracting for price competitiveness.
We have five delivery trucks ranging from 12 to 25 tons. 
If you’d like to use your own corn, we do offer a grain bank.

Dairy News

Portland Grain Review 06/28

6/28/2022 - 11:32:00

                                                      June 28, 2022
                                   Portland Price Trends
                 06-01-21    08-01-21    05-01-22    06-21-22   06-28-22
#1 SWW (bu)         8.20        9.25       11.10       10.90      10.30
White Club          8.20       10.75       11.60       11.15      10.55
DNS 14%             8.71       10.33       12.48       11.51      11.27
HRW 11.5%           7.52        8.33       12.08       11.98      10.92
#2 Corn (ton)     249.00      251.00      347.00      335.00     275.00
#2 Barley         180.00      200.00      275.00      275.00     275.00

   Wheat...West coast cash markets continued to mirror the recent drop
across the futures complex, with basis levels remaining mostly unchanged
from last week.  Trading activity remains very limited with most of the
focus on early-summer fieldwork and anticipation of a later than normal
wheat harvest.
   Crop Progress...PNW winter wheat conditions lost a little ground over
the past week, as the three-state weighted index slipped a point and now
sits at 105% of average.  Idaho saw good to excellent ratings drop 6% as
the poor to very poor category climbed to 10%.  Oregon shifted 3 points
into the fair category with good to excellent now at 77%, and Washington
gained 2 points to a 73% good to excellent rating.  Spring wheat ratings
stand at an exceptional 93% good to excellent rating for Washington, and
Much needed growing degree days are currently being seen with the return
of more seasonal hot and dry weather.
   Shipments...Weekly export inspections showed U.S. wheat loadings were
on par with the prior week at 12.9 mb, putting shipments 12% behind last
year at 49 mb.  Hard red winter moved 5.2 mb, hard red spring was at 3.7
mb and soft white 1.7 mb.  The Philippines was the top wheat destination
off the west coast with 2.4 mb and Japan took on 14.8 mb of corn.

                                     -Norm Ruhoff  Contributing Analyst

               Copyright  2022 DTN/Telvent.  All Rights Reserved.


Purina quality

We proudly offer Purina bagged feed for equine and goats, and we can supply it from a Top Ag location closest to you.

For more information: 
Show Feeds

The winning combination

Top Ag and Purina are your partner for your prized animals. We’re proud to offer Purina Honor® Show Chow® feed, which is specially formulated for the needs of these special animals.

For more information: 

 Purina Show Feeds

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